i recommend absorbing other humans into your body
so they can become part of your already complex network of proteins
and cellular fibres.

i recommend being subjugated intensely
by people you love.

other things i recommend:

  • attempting to make love to painkillers
  • becoming a loud noise
  • drowning in a reverberating song (do you know what it means) in the middle of a long night-time
  • eating soup and refraining from wounding your fellow human beings
  • killing your regrets gently on an overpass by the freeway

sometimes i wonder if there’s a metronome
clicking in the background of our lives at all times
but only occasionally loud enough
to be heard.


⊡ ⊡ ⊡

Philip Gordon is a creative writing student from Vancouver Island, an editor of the literary magazines Ash Tree Journal and text, and reader for [PANK]. His work has been published in Vallum, The Puritan, The YOLO Pages, theNewerYork, (parenthetical), and in numerous other places. Philip is a sex-positive pansexual feminist, lover of shades, and proponent of the Oxford comma. He can be stalked on Twitter at @greymusic_ and on Tumblr.