This note closes Issue 202.1 of Noble / Gas Qtrly as a matter of decorum. What I’d have to say the writers and artists—who best me by many deviations—have already said in their work, which is forceful, paranoid, acrobatic, and which I hope you have enjoyed in full.

Christina Collins, Dalton Day, Howie Good, Philip Gordon, William James, Amanda Miska, Frederick Pollack, R. A. Roth, Brent Rydin, Michael Schmeltzer, and Maribeth Theroux—thank you for sharing what you do with us. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to showcase it to an audience eager to revel in it.

Lindsay Branca, Christi Craig, Emma Fissenden, Emilee Wirshing, John Boucher, Isabel Gutierrez, Sara Iacovelli, Will Kaufman, Graham Oliver, and Joseph Spece—thank you for undertaking this with me, with one another. Thank you for going stride-for-stride until it very suddenly became done.

This is an honor and a privilege.

Thank you.

A. S.