a plane overhead
I catch it          in my mouth
I shrink from the nighttime
this is how                   I will
demonstrate my veracity
             look at you
crow-splattered across sky
I only want to sleep
while you        dodge
the barbules in the trees
            their infinite heads
jaws              don’t go
anywhere please
my throat is burning now
             I think I’m being
replaced          with feathers


⊡ ⊡ ⊡

Dalton Day is a terrified dog person and an editor for FreezeRay Poetry. His work has been published or featured in Hobart, Jellyfish, The Millions, and Banango Street, among others. He is the author of the collection Supernova Factory, as well as Fake Knife, which is forthcoming from FreezeRay Press. He can be found here and on Twitter at @lilghosthands. Basically, he thinks everything is cute and won’t stop crying about it.