Why are you taking pictures of that ugly wall, she asked, when there’s this, like, entire ocean two feet away? Because I have been breathing salt and marram and dead crabs my entire life, I think, because even though the sea is massive and crashing it cannot always be the only thing worth looking at, because look what these humans have made together without thinking they were doing anything but breaking each other, because look, just this one time, just look this one time at what I am seeing, but we still have a four-hour drive home in a two-door sedan so I just shrug, mumble no reason.

Fort Flagler, Marrowstone Island, WA.


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Christina Collins lived most of her life on the West Coast until the omnipresent terminus of the sea became too demanding. She currently resides in Minneapolis where she writes, paints, and takes pictures of beautiful strangers without their knowledge. She is the founder and poetry editor of Lockjaw Magazine. She tweets at @PoorSelfControl.